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Cymbomute - The Optimum Cymbal mute design. 

Keep the Feel - Cut the Volume. 

We believe that REAL cymbals are a joy to play.
Cymbomute cymbal practice mutes have been developed by British drummer Hugh Lawrence. Years of refinement led Hugh to a top UK materials company to design a clever, specially woven stretch material - this is not 'off-the-shelf elastic'. Top grade, high strength fibres mean each Cymbomute is as robust as possible & the amount of tension has been calculated to give the best muting results while still allowing the cymbal to flex and dissipate energy. All of this attention to detail, results in a product that cuts the volume, keeps the feel, and gives a long useable lifespan.
For less than the price of new drumheads or restocking your stick bag you can get equipped with the Cymbomute sizes you need. And be practicing on Real cymbals when you need it quiet!

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Ambassadors Program

July 08, 2014

Announcing the cymbomute ambassadors program! We have gone live with our first few ambassadors now featured here at Cymbomute.com Russ McKinnon, Ian Bee, Lee Smith. This list will undoubtedly grow in the coming months - we are already in talks with some more people... The idea behind the ambassadors program is to create a network of drummers who believe in the product, and who are willing to recommend Cymbomute to their peers / students. This way, you the customer can get a second, third, fourth opinion about Cymbomute. You'll feel even more confident when you buy, that these things work! (They do you know!).   Hugh Lawrence. Continue Reading →